Pallet Wrappers

If you wish to wrap at a specific location using a turntable and mast type wrapper then we have both core brake and power pre-stretch machines available.

Core brake machines apply the film to a pallet through a braking mechanism as the turntable rotates. This braking mechanism stretches the film and the wrapping speed can be controlled by the speed at which the film carriage rises and the speed of the turntable.  Again, consistency of wrapping and film cost saving can be made by using this equipment.

Power pre-stretch machines use motors to power geared rollers and can achieve higher stretch ratios. The film is stretched before it wraps the pallet, preventing “necking” and ensuring full width wrapping whilst achieving maximum film cost savings. Pre-stretch machines are eminently suitable for light loads as no “pull” is made on the pallet and the film memory results in a securely wrapped load.  Stretch ratios, wrap pattern and turntable speed are all programmable.